Plex Systems Partners with Insequence Corporation

Plex Systems, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud (formerly Plex Online), has announced its collaboration with Insequence Coporation, provider of manufacturing sequencing technology. The joint capabilities should improve the process of delivering components to the manufacturing supply chain in an efficient fashion.

Managing the complexity of inventory needed for complex assembly operations is a complicated and critical function. With many products requiring more than a hundred individual components, appropriate sequential delivery of parts enables manufacturers to keep inventory to a minimum while ensuring production is uninterrupted. It is critical to ensure that suppliers ship the right part, in the right sequence, and at the right time to prevent idle production lines. For example, in the car assembly line you need the frame before the steering wheel. Car seats are another example of components managed with a just-in-time (JIT) sequencing strategy.

While Plex needs a vibrant strategic partner ecosystem, the Insequence alliance might have been driven more by prospective deals. Plex has had basic sequencing functionality for a long time, but some prospects mandate the use of Insequence, since JIT sequencing is an incredibly sensitive aspect of their business. A great deal of manufacturers (automotive, electronics, aerospace and defense) benefit from proper sequencing.

The partnership arrangement means that a connector to the Insequence product will be using Web services rather than the traditional inflexible flat file transfer.
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