Plymouth Rock Energy Selects Cloud Extend

Cloud Extend is a cloud business process management (BPM) application from Active Endpoints, built on its flagship BPM system, ActiveVOS, and available in’s AppEchange marketplace. Cloud Extend aims to easily automate mundane sales, marketing, and customer service processes, and thus ensure that everyone on the team adheres to best practices. Cloud Extend empowers business users to create their own wizards in Salesforce CRM solutions to streamline and simplify sales and customer support tasks with no coding or IT support needed—on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

The Plymouth Rock Energy call center used Cloud Extend to automate the resolution of outstanding billing issues and redefine how it connects with its customers. The initial wizard was reportedly created in just two hours and implemented within a few days. The impact on agent productivity was instant, resulting in a 20 percent gain and reducing customer call waiting times to virtually zero—what used to be a ten-minute process now takes just a minute and a half.

Launched in July 2012, Cloud Extend Mobile goes another step toward simplicity with its convergence of voice-to-text and touch capabilities. Cloud Extend Mobile lets users build wizards that are optimized for smartphone screens and use both voice and touch to enter information. The dual input method reflects the advantages that voice brings to free-form text entry, as well as its limitations for data that could be entered more quickly by tapping on-screen options, such as icons, pick lists, and checkboxes.
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