Prince Minerals Selects IFS Applications for ERP

Apparently, Prince Minerals' short list came down to IFS, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Oracle JD Edwards. Some of the primary reasons IFS was selected were for the same as those I mentioned in my recent alert about IFS and Saab. While Saab is already a global company, Prince has aspirations to continue to grow a global footprint and saw IFS as the partner best able to help accomplish its goals.

As noted in the press release, one of the primary reasons the company selected IFS was its “strong local support in the various countries where it has operations.” Where most IFS competitors have to rely on partners to support various regions around the world, the investments IFS made in the late 90s and early 2000s to expand its global presence have provided it with a strong global direct services organization, which today spans more than 50 countries. That said, partnering with large global systems integrators (SIs), such as Mahindra Satyam, enables IFS to offer a strong indirect services channel, so the vendor can support these companies regardless of their preference of delivery channel.

Prince’s IFS Applications pick also had a lot to do with industry focus and functionality. IFS has been promoting its project-based solutions for complex discrete manufacturing so well lately that many people forget that process industries are another of its focused verticals. As mentioned in the release, the ability of “IFS Applications to support complex batch and continuous process manufacturing” also contributed to the decision. While some ERP companies have strong support for process and others have strong support for discrete, IFS, which supports mixed-mode manufacturing, has no problem taking “stuff” and making it into a “thing.” What was also important to Prince Minerals was the “agility and flexibility of IFS Applications to handle the diverse operational requirements of the various divisions and the ability for quick implementations across additional divisions in the future.”

Similar recurring themes in future IFS wins will likely reinforce the key differentiators for the recently upbeat vendor. I look forward to attending its users conference in Sweden in mid-October, and please stay tuned for the major announcements from that event.

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