ProcessPro ERP Is Now TEC Certified

ProcessPro, an ERP software vendor from Minnesota, United States, recently presented a live demo session of its software ProcessPro ERP to TEC analysts. Here’s a brief overview of the company, its product, and some key factors differentiating this vendor from its competitors.

Firmly dedicated to the process manufacturing vertical market within the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space, ProcessPro Software does not offer solutions for discrete manufacturing, or standalone distribution businesses. More specifically, it is narrowly focused on batch process manufacturing, which means that the software will hardly be useful in truly continuing processes, or in the oil and gas industry, for instance.

The software's strength lies in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated environment—food processing with safety lot traceability issues; nutrition and pharmaceutical products, and supplements manufacturers; cosmetic goods manufacturers; and specialty chemicals and products manufacturers. These areas are governed by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF), the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) guidelines. They are also governed by Organic programs and other similar authorities and organizations whose requirements are primarily based on the current good manufacturing practice (GMP) and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) principles and standards.

As a US-based software vendor, ProcessPro Software targets North America—headquartered manufacturing companies.

The vendor has been on the market for 27 years and has been able to gather significant experience and knowledge in the process manufacturing area. ProcessPro Software’s typical customer is a small-to-medium company with annual revenues between $10 million and $250 million (USD). Although the vendor also has clients among larger enterprises, those aren’t businesses it targets, and as such ProcessPro Software doesn’t compete with tier-one ERP vendors.

During the certification process, the company denoted and TEC analysts were able to ascertain the following criteria differentiating ProcessPro Software from the products of its direct competitors:

  • ProcessPro is fully concentrated on process manufacturing software; ProcessPro ERP is the only product the vendor offers and as such it receives the dedication of the entire ProcessPro team.

  • Due to its deep market focus and relatively long history, the company has extensive professional experience and offers rich ERP product functionality.

  • The software is fully compliant with FDA, quality assurance, and multiple GMP/HACCP requirements.

  • Due to the high level of expertise, ProcessPro Software is able to deliver a solution at a relatively lower cost—i.e., the average implementation/license cost ratio of the product is well below 1.

  • ProcessPro Software develops, sells, delivers, and supports its software, and as such is solely responsible for the seamless customer experience of its product. The vendor also provides support for all its partners’ functionality, such as customer relationship management (CRM; Sage), payroll and human resources (HR; Optimum Solutions), electronic data interchange (EDI), and others. All the support is directly provided from ProcessPro Software’s office in St. Cloud, Minnesota, including all possible second-level issues related to its partners’ code pieces.

In addition to strong core process manufacturing management support, the ProcessPro ERP system also offers a variety additional features and functions, such as robust multilevel security, key customizable workflow automation features, an easily configurable alerts system, embedded e-mailing capabilities, document storage and linking, and flexible desktop personalization.

In the upcoming weeks, I'll prepare the full TEC Certification Report on ProcessPro ERP, with detailed information on the product's background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. Look for the report at:
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