ProfitKey's ERP Software Chosen by Premier Manufacturing

Colorado-based electronic manufacturing service provider Premier Manufacturing recently announced that the company had completed its several months-long ERP selection project. After meticulous research and evaluation of 13 different software products, Premier Manufacturing concluded that ProfitKey's Rapid Response Manufacturing solution is their system of choice.

I did my own quick research on the vendor's newest client and realized that they are very close to the so-called "ideal client" for ProfitKey. Having recently finished a certification project for Rapid Response Manufacturing, I am specifically interested in seeing what type of businesses become ProfitKey's customers. In the aforementioned press release Premier Manufacturing has provided multiple reasons for selecting ProfitKey software:

  • the vendor's experience in both Aerospace and Medical OEM;

  • ProfitKey's previous clients of a similar size and scope within the same manufacturing sector;

  • user-friendly, logical, and easy-to-understand business processes;

  • drill-down capabilities of the system at all levels;

  • relatively easy and painless overall data migration procedure; and

  • embedded flexibility, allowing for adoption of multiple customer types and production methods, from single one-off jobs, prototype, and constant engineering changes from customers, volume production, build-to-order, build-to-forecast, and so on.

Considering all these selection factors, I am not surprised that a medium-sized engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturing company that obviously has a need for a flexible and integrated but not overcomplicated and overpriced ERP solution selected ProfitKey's software.

I made a similar conclusion in my recently published Rapid Response Manufacturing TEC certification report: "Rapid Response Manufacturing demonstrated its ability to compete with larger vendors in the market segment. When properly selected, configured, and implemented, this ERP package can support the growth of small and small-to-medium manufacturing businesses, particularly those companies looking to either buy their first ERP solution or replace their outdated legacy solution. Although not a cutting-edge technology, this product is still well established and reliable, and, in many cases, can be considered a proven and lower-cost alternative to large tier-one or -two products."

In addition to the software’s functionality and technical capabilities, another important reason for selecting ProfitKey was the customer value factor. According to Premier Manufacturing's Phil Robertson, “ProfitKey made us feel like our success was their success, and they will do everything they can to ensure that process. Their training, service, and willingness to analyze specific issues/needs and come up with solutions were impressive”. This is often what makes a strong positive impression and, as we can see, may become a crucial criteria in selecting a vendor that is comfortable to work with.
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