Pronto ERP 'Coming to America'

Event Summary

The move to open a North American office in Atlanta, GA puts the company in a prime position to take advantage of the growing small to mid-size company market segment, a demographic they have been very successful with in other regions of the world. Prometheus also has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and distributors around the globe. ``The small to mid-size market has long been disregarded and undervalued by other ERP vendors. If prospects don't have over 100 million dollars or more in sales, traditional ERP vendors don't answer the phone,'' said Howard Taylor, president of Pronto Inc. ``We have plans to change all of that in the U.S. market and recognize the significance of providing a winning solution to this market.''

The packaging model that Pronto Inc. uses is already turning heads. PRONTO is available in a Smart Management Edition (SME) at a fixed 8-user license fee of USD $30,000. Fixed rate installation and timeframes are also available for the SME edition. ``Pronto's completely integrated modular solution is uniquely qualified to serve this market. Other vendors either resource a consuming dinosaur, which they are trying to massage into a mid-market product, or they are piecing together third-party products where compatibility issues are constant hurdles,'' said Taylor. ``Currently there is a void of realistic ERP solutions for the small to mid-size growing company in the U.S. We are entering North America with a solid, proven solution at a time where companies have fully adopted the need for technology and are looking for a leader to manage their enterprise resources. At an affordable price without putting their day to day operations on hold.''

Market Impact

The Company's geographic diversification into the world's largest market increases the noise in an already crowded mid-market American ERP space. Although we believe that Pronto's decision to sell into the crowded market space was somewhat delayed, we believe that Pronto has an ace up its sleeve in order to overcome barriers to entry and its low brand recognition hurdles. Its business model will be welcomed in this market and will give fresh air to an industry that has traditionally underestimated implementation schedules and costs at the customer's expense. This will force all major mid-market players to thoroughly re-think their business models and further focus on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it will present an additional impediment for the Big 5 ERP vendors in their quest of capturing a highly coveted mid-market ERP share, where they have currently been achieving fairly dismal results compared to its smaller brethren.

User Recommendations

We encourage potential North American users to familiarize themselves with the newcomer company's value proposition, since we believe that it will be in a position to better leverage its negotiating position with all vendors involved in a particular selection exercise. However, users should be wary of Pronto's global service and support capabilities given that its existing North American infrastructure is only at an embryonic stage.

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