Proveris Scientific Leverages CRM with Rootstock Cloud ERP

Proveris Scientific Corporation, a provider of solutions that streamline complex development and release testing processes of orally inhaled pharmaceutical and nasal drug products, recently selected Rootstock Software’s cloud manufacturing and supply chain management software built on the Salesforce Platform. The expectation for the Massachusetts-based company is to stop overbuying parts and materials and assure that it has enough in inventory to meet order demand for its nasal and aerosol testing instrumentation.
With Rootstock’s cloud manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Proveris Scientific hopes to be able to determine how many of its most popular machines can be built with the inventory on hand. The still relatively small company wants to make its business more efficient by increasing its cash flow and improving resource planning, while giving customers faster deliveries on their orders.
Proveris’ team reportedly spent two years looking for the right manufacturing ERP system. A major requirement was that the new ERP had to interface with the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) suite and work in the cloud. Rootstock Software’s manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain apps integrate out of the box with Sales Cloud by and with FinancialForce Accounting, which was the main plus for Proveris. Using Rootstock manufacturing ERP, the company should be able to plan based on real-time pipelines and forecasts.
Rootstock Software’s total customer number is now more than 30 companies (the company was recently certified by TEC). When CRM is in place, the ERP competition will depend on the size of the customer. If it is a small, growing customer it could be spreadsheets or simple ERP packages that the company has outgrown. If it is a larger customer, Rootstock’s competition can come from many traditional on-premise ERP systems.
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