QlikTech Launches Direct Discovery to Combine Big Data with In-memory Technologies

qliktech150.pngAs part of its approach to big data, QlikTech, the provider of in-memory–based business intelligence (BI) solution QlikView, is launching Direct Discovery, a new offering that enables direct access to big data sources using QlikView apps. Direct Discovery is able to link data already in-memory with data coming from big-data sources on the fly, giving users the capability for rapid analysis and without a pre-loading process.

This new functionality from QlikTech will simplify user experience with big data while using QlikView's in-memory features to access data from other existing analysis platforms.

Anthony Deighton, chief technology officer at QlikTech, said:
What our enterprise customers love about QlikView is it makes data that was once just stored, now used on a daily basis. Its intuitive nature makes people to which this data is most relevant become devoted power users. By directly connecting to the largest data warehouses as well as leveraging data loaded in memory, this opens up the possibilities for countless new QlikView applications. Now, big data sets can get the big business brains behind them to make all of those insights actionable for results. As the pioneers in memory analysis, this truly marks a major milestone for the next era of Big Data Business Discovery.

Offerings like this are encouraging the adoption of big data as part of a data analysis portfolio by making it accesible for business, and technically less challenging.
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