Ramco ERP Certification Just Awarded

We are proud to welcome Ramco ERP to our family of TEC Certified systems.

The detailed Ramco ERP certification report (strengths, weaknesses, bells and whistles) will be available soon, but here’s a sneak preview.

Launched as an independent company in 1999 (following a demerger from its then parent company Ramco Industries), Chennai (India)-based software vendor Ramco has around 100 customers at 1,000 locations across 35 countries.

Overall, Ramco ERP is a full-fledged Web-based ERP system aimed specifically at smaller, growing enterprises in the process manufacturing area as well as other verticals, including textiles, auto components, and  food and beverages.

The following graph provides a high-level impression of how the Ramco solution is targeted versus real competitors and the industry average in the process ERP space. Naturally, Ramco’s ideal customer has requirements that match Ramco ERP’s functional strengths (click the chart below to enlarge).


The chart shows that Ramco ERP delivers more than the average functionality in all the major categories. To gain a more complete understanding of how Ramco ERP supports your individual requirements, TEC strongly recommends that you perform a detailed analysis of Ramco ERP using your own priorities with TEC’s online decision support platform (alternatively, you can purchase the Process ERP Software Evaluation Report, which provides information on 3,469 Ramco ERP functional criteria.)

Let’s get back to the certification. For TEC certification, Ramco completed TEC’s detailed request for information (RFI), and delivered the formal product demonstration we’d requested. This demo showed how Ramco supported about a hundred features/functionality sets. Ramco ERP has particularly rich functionality in these areas:

•    human capital management
•    process manufacturing management
•    sales management

One quality that really grabbed me was its flexibility before and during implementation. A business process modeling function offers best-practice templates, but also allows modifications for client needs. It also supports modular implementation strategies across locations and business units.

•    See Ramco’s Vendor Showcase profile.
•    Stay tuned for the detailed product certification report, in our archive of TEC Certification Reports.
•    Compare Ramco ERP to other process ERP solutions now.
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