Ramco OnDemand ERP Certification

Ramco OnDemand ERP is a full-function SaaS ERP product for the small to medium business (SMB) environment. The entire product is Web-based, accessible by your web browser, and fully supported via the Web.First Impressions
The forms layouts and many of the detail screens allow for data field relocations and reconfigurations via drag and drop. The default color schemes are easy on the eyes, and screen layouts are ergonomically designed. A user can take more frequently used fields and bunch them together; fields that are not used can be squeezed to insignificant size.

The product handles everything from the sales quotation to the final shipment, including all financial, inventory, and manufacturing aspects. We noted good functionality in the sales and purchasing areas.

Inventory management is thorough and supports multiple locations (such as warehouses, and even multiple aisle and bin locations for a product).

In the fulfilling of a production order, Ramco demonstrated that material would be drawn from the nearer warehouse and bin location according to first in, first out (FIFO); last in, first out (LIFO); and other rules. Full lot and serial number support were included.

Choosing an ERP Product
If your organization is making the transition from a small start-up operation to a medium sized organization, then Ramco’s SaaS product offering might be a smart choice since it includes standard accounting functionality, such as A/R, A/P, costing, and sales. More functional purchasing, HR, and CRM interfaces, as well as an advanced planning tool, are currently under development and should be available soon.

The manufacturing scheduling functionality is work area–based, where mixed types of the same machines can be pooled together to add to capacity. Work center reports are available to show how much of the work center capacity is remaining. The product’s material requirements planning (MRP) and master production scheduling (MPS) interfaces are easy to use, intuitive, and what other vendors will have to compete against for the same class of product.

Being a SaaS product, all of Ramco OnDemand ERP’s functionality is global. Accepted customizations become global on demand enhancements. These enhancements, patches, etc. when implemented, become effective immediately.

Where Does On Demand Fit?

The Ramco on demand SaaS product appears as an excellent entry point for emerging businesses such as light manufacturing. For light manufacturing or small shops, SaaS is a money saver, and coupled with Ramco’s virtual machine access facility, provides an economic ERP solution. For the aerospace or automobile industries, where deeply nested multi-level bills of material (BOMs) are the norm, the product is usable, though in these industries, reporting by machine within a work-center obligates more data capture and more drill-down reporting.

Ramco OnDemand ERP cannot be used by manufacturing organizations that require the ability to track global efficiencies by work center, since this functionality is not yet available in the product. However, for companies looking for a robust scheduling and work order planning tool, which allocates materials to specific work orders, Ramco’s SaaS ERP product offering can satisfy such requirements effectively.

Because the product is SaaS-based, the client is saved from performing backups and system maintenance, and from up-front licensing fees. At this time, costs are per seat, and an amount is charged for data storage and by quantity of business transactions.

Ramco OnDemand ERP is configured to your business requirements and typically takes less than a week to deploy. As your business grows, the solution can be scaled up to accommodate multiple locations, currencies, and business units. The application stays tuned to your business all the time.

Ramco OnDemand ERP integrates multiple functions and systems into one solution and gives you total visibility and control of operations. In the process, it helps you focus on growing your business.

As a virtual machine application, no separate processor is dedicated to running the on demand application. Contrarily, the virtual machine solution is termed evergreen, in that multiple virtual machines share a real computer on an on demand basis, and allow for lower operating costs. These lower operating cost benefits are passed on to the clients.

For more information, please visit TEC’s vendor showcase. Please click here to understand the application’s support concepts, and here for product details, where a demo can be viewed.

Thanks to Alex Hankewicz for his feedback contribution.
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