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ReachForce Acquires SetLogik

Written By: Raluca Druta
Published On: April 3 2013

reachforce.jpgReachForce, a vendor of business-to-business (B2B) data solutions for marketers, has made public its acquisition of SetLogik, which provides cloud-based data and analytics solutions. ReachForce's Connected Marketing Data Hub has thus be launched with capabilities such as continuous data quality management and predictive marketing capabilities.

It is well known that lead information can quickly become obsolete, generating frustration among sales reps. ReachForce's new system is intended to integrate with other marketing and sales automation solutions such as Marketo, Eloqua, and salesforce.com to ensure the quality of lead collection, qualification, targeting, and conversion.

Bob Riazzi, CEO and president of ReachForce, underlines that at the heart of marketing automation is the accuracy of the data, which ReachForce is attempting to keep up to date:
Many marketers have automated their campaign management and digital marketing execution to drive more revenue, but poor data quality is having a negative impact on their success. It was clear what we needed to do to help, and the results are huge. With the addition of SetLogik’s platform to ReachForce’s existing product portfolio we accelerate the time required to transform leads into revenue for our customers.
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