RedPrairie's Millennial Report Reveals Shopping Preferences of Gen Y Consumers

The point of The Millennial Report is not so much to compare Gen Y to Gen X or other groups as it is to help retailers understand the mindset and shopping patterns of a hot consumer age-group. The key points to follow when engaging Millennials include:

  • Respect their time: Recognize preferences and make meaningful recommendations.

  • Pick your spots: Make strategic advertising decisions and avoid bombarding at every channel.

  • Be there: Develop the versatility to be available across all selling channels and social media so no need goes unmet.

  • Opinions matter: Facilitate peer communication to help build brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Connect the dots: Connect store, customer, and direct channel to make transactions seamless and keep customers coming back.

Very generally speaking, the assumption is that Gen Y is much more apt to purchase online, via social networking sites, via their mobiles phones, etc. versus other generations. However, this report (based on a focus group) found that although Millennials depend on social networking and digital venues for research, they prefer making purchases at traditional brick-and-mortar stores most of the time.

Thus, the study found that brands must be "everywhere" and that retailers must be ready to serve this group seamlessly across the channels that Millennials use interchangeably. Naturally, the salient message is that RedPrairie's Commerce Suite helps deliver that consistent, all-channel experience with its all-channel commerce and fulfillment capabilities.

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