Reflexis Systems Announces Record Customer Growth in First Half of 2012

It appears that Reflexis has been aggressively bundling/cross-selling its newer WFM modules into its traditional breadwinning task management deals to try to achieve a wider market acceptance.  The Reflexis platform of integrated task management, key performance indicators (KPI)-based compliance, time and attendance (T&A), and labor scheduling (including budgeting and forecasting) solutions enables retailers to align store labor activities to corporate goals and institute best-practice response to real-time metrics.

We might still want to note that what may appear to be 22 new customers is “only” 22 new brand logos that belong to 6 existing retail holding corporations that Reflexis has had for a while. Now, it’s certainly possible that some of these deployments have been extended over time, but these are not necessarily a dozen brand new retail customers.

But this is still the logical way for Reflexis to compete and achieve great results down the track, given that one third of the total count of retail logos on the vendor’s website use Kronos for WFM. Reflexis is currently number 3 in market share for retail labor scheduling in North America, with 14% compared to 17% for Kronos, according to IHL Research. As for task management, Reflexis is the leader with 54% market share, compared to #2 RedPrairie at 24%, again according to IHL.

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