Remedy Makes CRM a Personal Matter

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Event Summary

Remedy Corp (NASDAQ: RMDY) purchased Axtive to add personalization to Remedy's customer relations management (CRM) and help desk products. Axtive can track a user's profile and serve unique pages to each user based on the profile. Remedy believes that this will ultimately reduce the costs of customer relationship management and provide the right information to each customer in fewer clicks. The new Remedy products will also contain features that let companies analyze the needs and experiences of their customers, based in Axtive technology.

Market Impact

This should enable Remedy to have more attractive product offerings. Anyone who has to interact with a web site when what they really want is personal attention will welcome sites that seem to remember their last calls and can tailor information to their skill level and previous history. Companies benefit from increased information and from additional possibilities for creating marketing relationships with customers.

While the CRM product is certainly the right place to start integrating personalization, it will be interesting to see whether Remedy eventually finds ways to add value to its E-procurement product and other members of its enterprise portal family Remedy@Work. This could prove to be just the right marginal differentiator in a space that is going to become increasingly commoditized over the year.

User Recommendations

CRM is used to describe a number of different software products. The addition of Axtive's technology will only be interesting to you if Remedy's core product meets your need. If it does, then there are two things to look at in evaluating the value added by this acquisition.

First, ask what can you do with it? Remedy should be able to make very specific proposals about how this technology can make a difference in your particular business.

Second, get a good understanding of what it will take to implement and maintain the solution. Axtive claims that its tools are easy to learn and easy to use. Learn enough about them to decide up front whether you want to train your own staff for implementing your personalization or rely on the company's consulting services.

If you choose Remedy to build the solution, get a firm schedule; it won't be surprising if there is a period of a few months where Remedy people are coming up to speed and Axtive's experienced people are spread too thin. If you choose to do it yourself, sample the training and the technical support services before you buy.


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