Reports of SAP ByDesign’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: December 16 2013

SAP announced the latest release of its midmarket cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, SAP Business ByDesign. Along with a number of feature and function updates, the latest version extends ByDesign by leveraging SAP HANA, mobile, and cloud technologies. The announcement shows that SAP is committed to support ByDesign and is moving the product aggressively to full enablement in the SAP Cloud.
The announcement comes on the heels of a flurry of recent announcements by competing software vendors claiming that SAP was all but abandoning the ByDesign product. The announcements looked like TV infomercials for the latest and greatest gadget: “Switch from SAP today, get one year free.” At one point, the Wikipedia article on SAP Business ByDesign was even erroneously updated to say that SAP was sunsetting the product. For one of the most in-depth reports on the direction of SAP Business ByDesign, refer to the article by Saugatuck Research.
Interestingly, all the press by SAP’s competitors actually generated more free press for SAP’s product than SAP could have done on its own. Many smaller companies might not have considered SAP solutions, but were made aware of the cost-effective, cloud offering via the worldwide campaign launched by multiple vendors simultaneously.
Some of the enhancements delivered in the latest release include:
  • Availability on the SAP HANA platform, which enables both transaction processing and analytics on a single platform
  • A new country version for Japan (adding to existing Asia Pacific regional versions for China, India, Australia, and New Zealand)
  • Enhanced pricing flexibility, including greater flexibility to price products and services and suggest optional additional or alternative purchases, expanded competitive pricing mechanisms to enable special pricing to particular audiences, and pricing can also be based on two dimensions, such as by quantity of pieces or net weight.
  • Greater mobility with the SAP Business in Focus mobile app, which allows users to analyze budget forecasts, visualize financial information, collaborate through an enterprise social network, and get real-time insight from internal and external cloud applications via iPad
It definitely looks like ByDesign is still going strong and SAP isn’t backing away from but moving forward aggressively with ByDesign. In fact, the competitors might have lit a fire under SAP to more aggressively target the midmarket solutions. So the reports of ByDesign’s demise were mistaken, but it does make for good press— for SAP, that is
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