Retalix Acquires a Provider of Store Systems for Top Tier Department Stores

Retalix' acquisition of Cornell Mayo Associates is symptomatic of the current trend of acquisition and consolidation in the retail marketplace (just look at RedPrairie’s four recent acquisitions in this area). This is a fast-changing marketplace, with retailers looking for broader solutions and less interested in multiple point solutions. Predicting how this merger will go is tricky, but in general I think it has to be a good move for Retalix. Retalix continues to execute on its strategy to expand into adjacent retail segments.

Cornell Mayo enhances the company’s position in the department store retail segment, and complements Retalix’s strongholds in the high-volume, high-complexity retail market (e.g., convenience stores, fast food restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets). It will be interesting to watch for any cross-sales opportunities between Cornell Mayo’s point-of-sale (POS) and back-office apps and Retalix’ software tools for pricing, cashier balancing, sales trend reporting, labor scheduling, inventory management, accounting, and loyalty program management. As far as I know, the combination still lacks retail store task management and e-commerce solutions.
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