RevTrax Announces New Offering Connecting Social Couponing With In-store Sales

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RevTrax, a provider of an ominchannel promotions platform with the same name, announced the launch of RevTrax OpenShare, which will tie social coupon issuance and sharing to the point of sale. OpenShare allows marketers to deliver social coupons via any digital channel and track the usage to the in-store sale.

The solution builds on RevTrax’s existing digital promotions platform, removing many common roadblocks to digital and social coupon sharing. Openshare allows the issuance of coupons via e-mail, display, social, search, or affiliate channels. Coupons can be shared with a click, sharing the link or the URL. RevTrax locks down the coupons using proprietary security features, minimizing redemption fraud. The RevTrax OpenShare solution gives marketers a complete execution platform to digital, omnichannel coupon promotions.

RevTrax stands out for its clear understanding of what is needed for a company to put together and execute a complete marketing campaign solution in the social era. Some vendors that promote themselves as having digital, omnichannel solutions really only provide one part of the solutions puzzle, for example marketing analytics for Web search traffic or electronic coupon campaigns. RevTrax is one solution that lives up to the billing of being “premiere OminiChannel promotions platform.”
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