RoamBI Flow, the New Mobile Product from Mellmo

Earlier this week MeLLmo, creator of the mobile business intelligence solution Roambi, announced a new product to be launched in June and included in its Mobile software stack: RoambBI Flow.

RoamBI Flow, an iPad app, is an information publishing platform that enables organizations to publish information that goes beyond data visualization and analytics, incorporating data into complete sets of interactive content. RoamBI Flow intends to expand the common way data is shown using dashboards and analytics by combining other types of information elements to tell the complete and interactive story behind the data. Good-bye to static content!


Roambi Flow. The new product from Mellmo

Santiago Becerra, CEO of MeLLmo, describes the new product’s potential:
Even while technology has enabled us to easily view information from our smartphone or tablet, business services have not adapted to these intuitive, interactive devices in the same way consumer apps have.  We believe business reports and presentations can be as interactive and engaging as the digital magazines or even games you find in the app store, and we created Roambi Flow to give people a better way to share business information. Roambi Flow has the potential to transform both the way businesses create and consume reports and presentations, and the way publishers and content holders reach their desired audiences.

Roambi Flow will be able to integrate text, graphics, video, and collaborative content. Available in June 2011, it will require Roambi ES3.

“Roambi Flow is much more than a mobile app, it is a new platform to share business information that fits today's on-the-go work style,” said Quinton Alsbury, president of MeLLmo.

This is just the beginning. We can expect the mobile BI space to provide many more functional features in the near future.  Collaboration, and integration with other types of business software like business process management (BPM) systems will provide more process power, flexibility collaboration and social features as well as more interaction with operational processes.

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