Rootstock Software New Customers

Rootstock Software is a provider of cloud manufacturing and supply chain management (SCM) applications that integrate “out of the box” with native sales and accounting apps by and This integration seems to have recently helped Rootstock ERP be selected by a couple of new customers.

Recently, the vendor announced that Sanergy, a social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya that makes hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible in urban slums, has chosen Rootstock ERP to support its manufacturing facility in Nairobi. More recently, Rootstock announced that Ideal Power Converters (IPC), a developer of disruptive electronic power converter solutions, has chosen Rootstock ERP to be implemented at its Austin, Texas facility. IPC is committed to the rapidly growing power conversion markets of renewable energy, electrical energy efficiency, smart grids, and electric vehicles.

Like in Sanergy’s case, IPC’s rapid growth and use of’s Sales Cloud drove the company to investigate cloud solutions for its manufacturing and supply chain accounting needs. The Rootstock cloud solution met the company's business requirements to constantly track engineering changes and to provide full lot traceability and serial number control for its sub-assemblies and final products. Rootstock's Engineering Change and Revision Control features facilitate the communication of item and documentation changes to both IPC’s vendors and internal departments, providing the needed support to adapt to the rapid change management initiatives often experienced by growing companies.
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