Rosslyn Analytics Launches Automated Data Extraction and Analytical App for SAP Customers

Rosslyn Analytics recently launched RAPid Spend Analysis – Professional, the cloud-based tool for decision-makers and knowledge workers at organizations running SAP to automatically extract, classify, and share business intelligence (BI) on-demand. SAP customers can use Rosslyn’s RAPid cloud enterprise data enrichment to perform advanced data analysis using pre-built dashboards and reports.

Rosslyn’s extraction app is reportedly doing well considering that spend analysis is not a huge market compared to the overall BI market. At the end of the day, it’s a small tool that solves a big problem—extracting data very quickly and easily with little or no involvement from IT. In other words, it provides empowerment and control to the business user.

Do SAP and/or Ariba offer something like it? Not really, as it is not part of their model—it would probably take money off their plate, and their traditional extract, transform, load (ETL) tools and processes are already huge money-makers. All of Rosslyn clients that are SAP customers reportedly use the app. For Rosslyn, this app is just the beginning of the journey. The important thing is for clients to get their data into the RAPid platform where the real magic takes place–better information to support smarter decisions and collaborative sharing of dashboards, charts, reports, etc.

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