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Rosslyn Analytics Partners with Differentia Consulting

Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic
Published On: October 10 2012

Under the terms of the newly announced partnership with Rosslyn Analytics, Differentia Consulting, one of the United Kingdom’s largest technology consultancies and QlikTech’s largest UK partner, will develop QlikView apps using Rosslyn Analytics’ cloud-based RAPid enterprise data enrichment platform for clients in the UK and Ireland and their associated global affiliates. 

The important bit here is that Rosslyn has brought QlikView business intelligence (BI) visualization into the cloud using the RAPid platform. For partners, this means they can create faster value for themselves and their clients without the upfront costs associated with on-premise BI solutions. Partners and their customers can develop apps or use Rosslyn's pre-built apps such as spend analysis. Customers can now start to collaboratively develop and share interactive dashboards, reports, and apps immediately after loading data into the RAPid platform.

Needless to say, there is no more software or hardware to buy. In addition, unlike traditional (and even some newer) BI vendors, RAPid eliminates the need for customers to write scripts or schedule the transfer of data for real-time analysis and reporting. This is possible because RAPid provides each client with its own cloud-based application and data repository that they can access around the clock.

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