SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Release Feature Pack 3 Now Available

sap_logo110.pngSAP has recently unveiled new analytics features for some of its business intelligence (BI) portfolios that are aimed at enhancing access to and manipulation of big data. The feature pack 3.0 for the 4.0 solution release of SAP BusinessObjects includes SAP BusinessObjects BI [Evaluate] and SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge edition [Evaluate].

The release includes enhancements in what SAP calls its five pillars for business analytics: core BI, creative BI, mobile BI, extreme BI, and social BI. Major features available in this new feature pack release include the following:

In this regard, Adam Binnie, global vice president and general manager, Business Intelligence Solutions, SAP mentioned:
As the market share leader in BI, SAP is committed to helping customers run like never before by maximizing their analytics investments. With the most complete BI portfolio available today, SAP is also working hard on the service and support front to make our five-pillar BI vision a reality for any sized business, industry or line of business.”

SAP also released version 1.0.1 of SAP Visual Intelligence, thereby adding support for more personal data sources besides SAP HANA announced in May.

This set of enhancements appears to make perfect sense to SAP in order to provide its customers with new possibilities to connect to big-data sources while reinforcing BusinessObjects’ connection to SAP’s core business software, closing the gap between operation and analysis.

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