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SAP Delivers More RDS Offerings to Speed Up HANA Adoption

Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic
Published On: March 27 2013

SAP has announced the release of three new rapid-deployment solutions (RDS) for companies implementing the recently unveiled SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. These solutions are making innovations like SAP HANA more accessible to enterprise customers looking to boost their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) operations with real-time analytics.

The three RDS apply the analytical power of SAP HANA to ERP, covering SAP ERP for Finance and Controlling, SAP ERP for Manufacturing, and SAP ERP for Trading. Also available in the suite, and part of the SAP 360 Customer solution, is an RDS for HANA-powered CRM. The latter solution offers a quick turnaround in applying real-time analytics to customer interactions across a variety of touch-points, including mobile and social media outlets.

As described in TEC’s recent in-depth report on SAP Services portfolio, RDS are SAP’s packaged/engineered offerings that include preconfigured software, implementation services, best-practices content, and end-user enablement. A current portfolio of more than 150 modular yet integrated RDS products across all areas of SAP’s vast solution portfolio are available, including analytics based on SAP HANA, mobile, cloud and social, database and technology, and industry solutions.

SAP’s RDS portfolio has multifaceted importance for SAP. SAP sees RDS as instrumental in driving demand for adoption of its newer technology, especially SAP HANA, which is making real-time analytics more accessible in the market. In addition, SAP RDS are all about speed (addressing specific needs quickly and accelerating time-to-value and end-user adoption) and simplicity (being business outcome focused, modular yet integrated, and amenable to all environments: on-premises, cloud, and mobile).

These “fixed price and scope” solutions can also be used as a starting point for an assemble-to-order (ATO) methodology where the scope can be extended to a broader solution according to customers' individual adoption paths. The price and scope of RDS help to streamline the implementation process, reducing the risks and costs to enterprise customers. These traits of RDS should help SAP in its future migration options and alleviate some issues in the co-existence of legacy and new systems in customers’ IT environments.
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