SAP Introduces Work Patterns for Jam Social Software

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sap_logo110.pngSAP has announced an innovative set of pre-built collaborative process or “work patterns” for its Jam social software. SAP is leading the industry by providing these pre-built work patterns for its customers that combine expertise, content, problem solving, and templates with application and underlying real-time data from the business system. The first pre-built patterns bring together SAP Jam with data and objects from SAP CRM to support account planning, opportunity management, deal rooms, and service requests for sales and service professionals.

The work patterns add tremendous value to the existing rich set of functionality available in SAP Jam. The initial pre-built work patterns help users achieve the following:

  • Obtain a complete picture of the situation or project at hand

  • Have access to experts who can help execute effectively

  • Create a fast and repeatable approach for work and quickly drive it to completion

  • Flexibly change processes to meet the needs of the work

SAP launched SAP Jam a little over a year ago and currently reports having more than 10 million subscribers. SAP has realized the benefit social collaboration software can bring to organizations when integrated with corporate ERP and CRM solutions. These template work objects are a great idea and provide the missing link between having social software and using it.
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