SAP Partners with Interaction Design Foundation to Promote Simpler Software Design

SAP and Interaction Design FoundationSAP and the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) announced an alliance that aims to provide access to software design education to students and professionals in both emerging and developed economies. IDF offers free text books and online education materials created by leading academics and practitioners of software design.

With booming education prices and following the United Nations belief that education is a fundamental human right, IDF offers its content as massively open online courses (MOOCs) to support people who are interested in pursuing software design. According to the press release, more than 300 major universities globally currently use IDF’s text books regularly in classes. Also, 20 percent of IDF readers are from developing countries.

Part of SAP's US$600,000 sponsorship will be used by IDF in a joint effort with the SAP University Alliances program to help its members create learning material that promotes simpler and efficient product design. Sam Yen, global head of design and user experience at SAP, explains:
SAP is committed to simplifying solution development with design thinking, which puts people and their problems at the center of software. Our relationship with IDF is a meeting of the minds and a natural outgrowth of our work to create an ecosystem that supports a more organic relationship between people and software.
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