SAS/Warehouse 2.0 Goes Live

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: March 13 2000

Event Summary

"CARY, N.C. (Feb. 24, 2000) - SAS Institute, the market leader in integrated data warehousing and decision support, has announced the production availability of SAS/Warehouse Administrator software, Version 2.0. Demonstrated at the Data Warehousing Institute conference in Anaheim, Calif., this new version provides IT the ability to proactively publish data warehouse information and track its usage, plus aggressively manage the process of change in the data warehouse."

"Data warehouses and data marts have become a vital component of all successful data mining, knowledge management, business portal, e-intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM) and supplier relationship management (SRM) applications today," said Frank Nauta, product manager for SAS/Warehouse Administrator at SAS Institute.

Nauta added, "Successful warehouses are continuously changing to keep pace with the changing business rules that they support. SAS/Warehouse Administrator simplifies change management by providing information delivery through e-enabled viewers like MetaSpace Explorer and integration with business intelligence and reporting tools. It helps make IT professionals more productive by giving them the ability to publish data from the warehouse - putting information in the hands of those who need it and freeing up IT staff for other projects."

Version 2.0 offers proactive information delivery with the addition of publish-and-subscribe tools robust enough for the entire enterprise, and offers enhanced intelligent access to data sources including SAP AG's R3, Baan, Oracle, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server 7.0, Sybase and many others.

SAS Institute was voted No. 1 in data warehousing and business intelligence in DM Review's 1999 Data Warehouse 100. SAS/Warehouse Administrator is a key component of this award-winning solution. Installed at more than 600 sites worldwide, SAS/Warehouse Administrator is the leading tool to help IT professionals meet the demands of administering a warehouse.

"IT and business users will find significant enhancements when building and designing warehouses and extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes," Nauta said. "By tracking the usage of information in the warehouse, IT staff can identify and remove data that is not being used. Removing unnecessary data makes the warehouse more efficient and maximizes hardware investments."

Market Impact

Publish/Subscribe metaphors are becoming much more common in the data warehouse arena. The ability for users to subscribe (request information on a regular basis), and for the server to publish ("push") that information automatically to those users is a powerful feature. Platinum Technology had already begun on an effort in this area, known as "Project C", which was delayed by their acquisition by Computer Associates.

It has been made clear by the success of products such as PointCast that push technology is an important aspect of information distribution. In addition, although SAS Institute has not been well known in the Extract/Transform/Load arena, they have a strong offering.

SAS has also formed a business intelligence alliance with IBM which may be leveraged by customers in the general data warehousing arena.

User Recommendations

Customers evaluating data warehouse solutions should include SAS Institute on a long list of candidates for selection. With their background in statistical products, SAS is particularly strong in the data-mining arena. SAS Institute's extract/transform/load tool has native drivers for many of the legacy data formats on the market (including databases such as CA/IDMS, CISAM, Model 204, MUMPS, and Unidata), and should have an interface for almost any customer's requirement. The products also provide integration with data modeling tools such as CA/ERWin to simplify the consolidation of warehouse metadata.

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