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Event Summary

On March 1, 2000, SCO (NASDAQ:SCOC) announced Tarantella ASP Edition, a web-enabling software solution that delivers applications from any server to any user with a browser.

Tarantella ASP Edition introduces a utility-style, "pay-as-you-go" licensing and pricing model that provides ASPs a cost-effective way to manage dynamic environments which can vary by hundreds or thousands of users per day. The product also features usage monitoring and billing capabilities, developed specifically to allow ASPs to monitor, analyze, and report application usage to their customers.

The ASP Edition combines Tarantella's web-enabling software with a set of product training, support, automatic maintenance upgrades, and other services. It is designed to ensure ASPs are up-to-date with the most current features to centrally manage and deploy applications over the web.

Members from SCO's Professional Services team are available to help ASPs perform a needs analysis, and offer advice on datacenter design and optimization plus application integration and customization. These services allow SCO to offer a Tarantella solution for ASPs, and help service providers create offerings for their customers.

SCO also unveiled Tarantella ASP Connect, a resource program to help OEMs, ASPs, ISVs, and resellers become successful in the Application Service Provider (ASP) market. Members of the Tarantella ASP Connect program have access to password-protected web pages, can attend events, seminars and other activities designed to help them use the ASP business model to increase the value and content of their product offering.

Market Impact

With analyst estimates forecasting the Application Service Provider market reaching 22 billion by 2003, vendors large and small are partnering to provide value added solutions. Infrastructure and hosting companies like AT&T, Usinternetworking' and Qwest are developing sophisticated offerings. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Resource Management (CRM) companies are partnering with ASP companies to offer remotely hosted solutions.

As a result of this activity, the market is witnessing the emergence of a new set of tools. Much like Webmethods or Partnet's offerings in the XML mapping and transaction arena, SCO's Tarantella and Citrix's MetaFrame solutions provide applications designed to support an ASP business model. We expect this trend to continue as the Application Service Provider market continues to evolve.

User Recommendations

Are you an Independent Software Provider or an ASP challenged by the unique customer needs an ASP model represents? SCO's solutions may be worth exploring. That is, if you've done your homework first. Are your customers willing to accept your product over the internet? What kind of investment will it take from you? How will you support an initiative once it's web ready?

The challenge is to clear the hype and understand what the true factors are. After evaluating the options, products like SCO's are worth looking at, as they may offer improved efficiencies and faster time to market for ASP's.


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