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Event Summary

SCT has announced that it will embed Vanguard OLAP and business analytic technologies in new iProcess.sct Business Analytics offerings, with availability for general distribution planned for September. The first two offerings will be iProcess.sct Demand Analytics and iProcess.sct Market Analytics. Further, SCT intends to launch additional offerings including one based on its "actual costing" capabilities. SCT states that the offerings will be tightly integrated with SCT's supply chain execution/ERP and web-based collaborative demand planning.

SCT produces and globally distributes iProcess.sct, a complete business solution for process manufacturers in the food, beverage, cpg, pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and related industries. iProcess.sct includes solutions for collaborative supply chain planning and optimization, supply chain execution/ERP, Internet commerce, and relationship network management. Vanguard Solutions is a supplier of tightly integrated, pre-configured BI for ERP and SCM. Both companies have demonstrated knowledge of the needs of the process industries. SCT is leading the pack in solutions designed exclusively for the process markets, Vanguard has roots in the PRISM product, and GPS has rich process specific functionality.

Interviews with existing users of this technology reveal some of its advantages:

  • Fully supported integration

  • Ease-of-use, ease-of-learning

  • Rapid implementation cycles

  • Pre-configured OLAP views

  • Robust set of process industry analytics and KPI's (Key Performance Indicator)

  • Work online using windows or a browser UI (User Interface)

  • Work offline totally unconnected

  • Automatic distribution via e-mail or web server development

Users reported that (as with many BI applications) the value of the underlying transaction or planning system was dramatically increased by the both the increased accessibility and the organization of the data.

Market Impact

Trends in the BI market include pre-packaged, out-of-the-box solutions which gets away from tool kits that require user organizations to build their own integration and end-user solution. Another trend is the move toward industry specific products that address unique needs of specific target vertical markets. SCT's BI offering is an example of both of these trends.

Many BI vendors are only beginning to follow these two trends with current projects having the characteristics of a development project with large budgets and long schedules as compared to the short, low cost implementation offered by the approach typified by SCT.

User Recommendations

Existing users of SCT's products should evaluate the new BI products with an eye towards extending the value of existing applications. Users of the SCT Supply Chain solution should be pleased with the solutions becoming available in September.

Process enterprises looking for SCM, e-commerce or ERP solutions should have placed SCT on the short list before this announcement. These enterprises should consider BI as an absolute requirement during their evaluation.

SCT should educate its existing user base in the value of BI and push to make the total BI suite available as possible.

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