SCT and G-Log Form Alliance For Collaborative Logistics in the Process Industries

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Event Summary

SCT ( and G-Log (, both leaders in their respective fields have announced a partnership that brings together SCT's process industry manufacturing execution, planning, and optimization with G-Log's global logistics platform. The partnership is aimed at process manufacturers and distributors in the food, beverage, chemical, CPG, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and related process industries worldwide. Both companies currently have impressive lists of customers in these industries using their solutions. G-Log's customers include Eastman Chemical, Dupont, and Kimball International. SCT's customers include Coca Cola, Kroger, Cargill, and Basic American Foods.

Typically, the process industries have robust logistics needs due to the nature of the materials transported. These materials tend to be bulky, heavy and often have special requirements like environmental demands, shelf life or regulatory issues. Many process companies are global in nature and ship using a variety of modes (truck, barge, ocean freight, etc.) further complicating their logistics management needs. This partnership addresses those needs by the expansion of SCT's iProcess.sct solution by improving distribution service and efficiency, while considering real-world transportation constraints.

The G-Log logistics platform supports the mission-critical process of managing all freight, all over the world, in a multi-client environment, by incorporating traditional domestic and international transportation components into a single system. It provides planning, optimization, visibility, control, and settlement of shipments and orders. SCT's iProcess.sct, is a process industry-specific solution that provides supply chain planning, Internet commerce, relationship network management, and supply chain execution/ERP capabilities. The SCT products provide collaborative supply chain distribution and network optimization capabilities. Together, these products will help process enterprises optimize manufacturing, distribution and transportation decisions based on accurate real-time information from their logistics networks.

Darcy MacClaren, senior vice president, business development, of G-Log states, "We believe the combined solution will enable companies to collaborate more effectively with their suppliers, improve customer service, and respond more quickly to market opportunities."

"With the addition of the G-Log solutions, SCT is able to bring a full suite of supply chain planning and execution solutions to the process industries, ranging from network planning and design and enterprise planning all the way down to plant scheduling and transportation execution" states Jim Brown, VP Solutions Strategy and Marketing.

Market Impact

The growth of industry specific or vertical solutions continues with internal development, acquisitions and partnerships. The definition of a "complete solution" continues to evolve. With this partnership, the process industries have a broadened definition of what is possible.

Many vendors continue to pursue the process industries with mixed results. Those vendors focused exclusively on the process industries appear to be growing their solutions towards a greater industry fit. More generalized solutions, those sold to many industries including process, will find the industry specific needs difficult to satisfy within the constraints of their general purpose applications.

User Recommendations

Key to process companies is that this partnership addresses major components of operational efficiency, cost, and customer service. The combination allows process companies to address the extended supply chain with the added plus of industry specific functions.

Existing SCT iProcess.sct customers should evaluate the G-Log logistics platform as a way to both add value to their existing iProcess.sct applications and attack their logistics requirements.

Existing process industry G-Log customers looking for added functionality of the related areas of supply chain management, e-business, CRM or ERP should place SCT on their short list regardless of their existing vendor relationships. SCT's strategy of offering industry specific products complementing alternative ERP systems should prove interesting to these companies.

Process companies considering new solutions in the supply chain, e-business, or ERP areas should place SCT on their short list. These companies should consider the added functionality from this partnership for an addition to their requirements list. Most companies will find this combination as one holding significant value in terms of both cost savings and increased efficiency.

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