SPS Commerce and Accellos Unveil Supply Chain Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Accellos, a mid-market provider of supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, and SPS Commerce, Inc., a provider of enterprise retail cloud services, recently announced their partnership to deliver an integrated turnkey supply chain management (SCM) solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP market. In a marketplace where e-commerce is dictating the tempo of change, retailers and suppliers require nimble and adaptable supply chain capabilities to respond instantly to changes in multichannel consumer demand and delivery preferences.

The resulting enterprise cloud service should enable suppliers to seamlessly connect with supply chain partners, including retailers, distributors, vendors, and logistics providers, through a single connection from their Microsoft Dynamics GP system to SPS Commerce’s Universal Network. The cloud-based solution connects an organization’s Microsoft Dynamics GP system to the SPS Universal Network, not only automating supply chain relationships with more than 50,000 trading partners worldwide, but also providing automated connections to any future trading partners.

The enterprise cloud service for Microsoft Dynamics GP was developed by Accellos using the SPS Commerce Retail Standard XML (RSX), a comprehensive data interchange format that enables frictionless expansion and growth of trading partner relationships. RSX works with all data formats (including EDI, XML, flat file, and others), allowing suppliers to automatically connect with a greater percentage of their supply chain community.

Accellos provides the AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP solution. (It will continue to sell its EDI for Dynamics AX product directly). SPS Commerce brings the value of a huge trading partner network, and the vendor knows all of the proprietary EDI standards that the biggest retailers impose on their suppliers. SPS customers can automate their trading relationships with major drop-ship and traditional retailers including Amazon.com, Costco.com, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and others typically within a few weeks.
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