SYSPRO Cloud ERP Can Help You Quit Smoking

SYSPRO recently announced that Freedom Smokeless, a manufacturer of e-cigarettes, has selected SYSPRO ERP software to facilitate growth. According to the California-based company, SYSPRO ERP will be a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation in the company’s new factory, where the software will manage manufacturing and facilitate bar code scanning, inventory controls, and product traceability.

Intuit QuickBooks, the company’s current software, could not handle the rapidly growing manufacturing and inventory sides of the business (the company expects to be manufacturing in a new facility by the end of summer). Freedom Smokeless is looking to SYSPRO Business Live (a cloud edition, which reportedly prevailed over Plex Systems in this cloud ERP selection) to provide in-depth operational data, including that integrated from barcoding and lot/serial traceability. The company must track products through the system, from receiving to shipments, and control inventories, so it knows when to order raw materials without having to schedule using an Excel file.

It is interesting to note that Freedom Smokeless thought the cloud was a great solution for where the company currently is with its business model. The company expects to eliminate IT assistance and hardware costs, while having the ability to go on-site if and when its wants to go that route in the future. This option was not available from the cloud-only Plex Online offering.
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