SYSPRO ERP Choice of Grato Holdings

After the recent analyst roadshow where we were able to see some previews of what’s coming in 2013, SYSPRO started the new year with a bang. Namely, the vendor has announced that Grato Holdings, a manufacturer of custom homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and herbal products, has chosen SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to facilitate company growth and enhance operational efficiencies and customer relations.

According to Mike Evans, director of operations, the company’s rapid growth prompted it to seek new software to provide better insight into company operations, automate and integrate procedures, and take the rapidly growing concern to the next levels of growth. SYSPRO was the company’s choice based on complete single-source functionality, ease-of-use, and system tailorability.

One might discern a common thread through a number of SYSPRO’s recent wins over its competitors—in this particular case, Exact Globe Next. That is, small and medium businesses (SMBs) appreciate an integrated, single DNA product with no third-party integrations. Middleware and interfaces to best-of-breed products are sometimes necessary, but a functional and well-rounded suite is always a time, money, and aggravation saver. Add that to SYSPRO’s new Quantum Architecture and Power Tailoring tools (to further tweak an already intuitive user interface) and companies pretty much get the ability to easily turn SYSPRO into a “roll your own pretzel” of sorts (food is one of SYSPRO’s targeted industries, by the way).

Grato Holdings was reportedly particularly impressed by the ERP links to the SYSPRO quality modules, a basic requirement for a life sciences company. The company is also looking to SYSPRO to provide superior insight into company operations, enhance inventory controls, and facility forecasting. In addition, Grato Holdings will use SYSPRO to automate and integrate procedures and operations, further financial management, and facilitate superior customer relationship management (CRM).
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