SYSPRO U.S. Reinforces Its ‘SMARTER’ Einstein Value Proposition—Analyst Roadshow December 2013

Although for the average reader it would likely be a challenging task to align the wide variety of SYSPRO’s products, programs, and other initiatives into a single unifying concept, SYSPRO U.S. demonstrates a deep conviction that an ERP software company should have a mission that involves more than simply selling ERP software. The vendor truly believes (as I can confirm based on my multiple conversations with executives at SYSPRO’s U.S. division) that a mission isn’t just a formality written in a company’s charter and sometimes repeated on the Web site’s homepage. In the case of SYSPRO, rather, the team is committed to delivering a “smarter” comprehensive environment for its customers to improve their businesses and successfully compete in their respective markets. As was demonstrated at SYSPRO’s annual roadshow, organized and hosted by JRocket Marketing and its highly spirited founder and president Judith Rothrock, SYSPRO’s programs and initiatives are intended to offer extra value to customers on top of what the vendor’s software offers out of the box.  

SYSPRO’s new Brain Trust Initiative, part of the U.S. organization’s ongoing Einstein marketing campaign, was announced by team SYSPRO USA in December at the annual roadshow. The Brain Trust Initiative in sum is, as I understand it, the vendor’s plan for improving overall customer experience with SYSPRO, and, eventually, making SYSPRO customers more successful. That plan embraces four directions that, in SYSPRO’s opinion, deserve the highest attention—product trust, deployment trust, micro vertical trust, and economic trust.

Product trust emphasizes the strong new ERP product SYSPRO 7. I wrote about it in the TEC blog in recent months, and the software was TEC certified just a few weeks ago. The product seems to be in its best shape ever and has very good potential for its targeted audience—small- to medium-sized manufacturers and distributors.

Deployment trust highlights new SYSPRO software implementation methodologies, created specifically with industry micro-verticals in mind. Those methodologies include many pre-defined business processes, templates and process flows, accounting structures, analytics and reporting structures, industry-specific roles and securities, and compliance facilitation.

Economic trust would mainly engage U.S. customers as it embraces SYSPRO’s full support of current macro-economic trends in the United States, such as new manufacturing innovation/products, the U.S. intellectual property rights protection movement, and corporate responsibility programs.

Finally, micro vertical trust refers to one of the industry areas where SYSPRO is planning to focus aggressively within the following year. For 2014, this area is food manufacturing. I have to say that SYSPRO’s presenter for the Food Manufacturing Industry program at the Analyst Roadshow, the company’s sales director Scott McMaster, demonstrated a very impressive level of knowledge and confidence with regards to industry comprehension. He depicted an extensive picture of challenges and trends for food manufacturers, specifically the small and medium side of the spectrum that is a core customer for SYSPRO and with whom the vendor is constantly in touch. Honestly, the topic of SMB (small to medium business) food manufacturers in North America is very broad itself and definitely deserves a more in-depth study, so I will plan to write about food manufacturing specifically in the near future.

Overall, SYSPRO has a reputation as an ERP vendor that does care about the businesses of its customers and has a commitment to providing its customers with more than just software. Although SYSPRO 7 is certainly a solid and modern business management package, SYSPRO’s big efforts to deliver additional advantages and value to its clients are highly compelling arguments for those in an active search for an ERP contract.

Stay tuned for more insights from the analyst roadshow—my colleague Jorge Garcia will be describing his impression of the presentations of the two other software vendors that attended this year’s analyst roadshow —Apparancy and UNIT4—in the coming days on the TEC blog.
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