SYSPRO USA Unveils 4-Part Brain Trust Initiative to Drive U.S. Manufacturing

SYSPRO has long been recognized in the small to medium business (SMB) manufacturing and distribution industry for its tight focus on providing a superior customer experience connected to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployments and nurturing relationships towards customers and partners. This recognition has been vetted in terms of the vendor’s executive outreach both directly and through channel partners, as well as on the more tangible side for its very structured processes providing industry templates and education for faster deployments leading to equally faster payback.
SYSPRO USA has most recently announced that it is using this customer experience reputation as a platform for a 4-part Einstein Brain Trust that will be extended both via its partners and its U.S. executive team directly. The new ‘SYSPRO USA BRAIN BOOST’ program, announced in Boston to 25 leading technology analysts at its annual December roadshow, is the ninth extension of the company’s successful U.S.-focused, “Einstein” go-to-market strategy.
The gist of the matter is that Albert Einstein’s brain was of average size and shape, thus it wasn’t a larger or different brain that gave him the superior mental faculties he is famous for. His brain was rather “built better” (certain parts were larger with more extensive connections) in comparison to the average person to make him “Simply Smarter.” SYSPRO cites a similar analogy with its Simply Smarter approach, as a differentiator for the company versus its typically larger competitors. The new SYSPRO USA Brain Boost program, which focuses on providing localized manufacturing/distribution industry assistance on multiple levels via the company’s extensive partner channel, includes the following four new points of emphasis:
  1. A world-class product experience, via SYSPRO 7’s deep functionality.
  2. A world-class deployment experience, via new processes, further boosted industry implementation templates, and a competitively superior level of ERP education. Processes, account structures, executive dashboards, defined metrics, roles, and security can be pre-configured to get companies implemented as fast as possible.
  3. A new micro-vertical co-op thrust with partners to intensely focus on the prosperous food and beverage industry. SYSPRO’s Food ERP has advanced capabilities for supply chain visibility and inventory optimization, and these will be the focus of education and marketing program outreach as well as special 2014 bundled pricing.
  4. A new community outreach program to extend the recognized SYSPRO customer experience to a SYSPRO community experience. The end goal here is to provide as much ERP technology and collaborative partner support to protect the U.S. manufacturing landscape, and to keep intellectual property and as many jobs as possible within U.S. borders.
The SYSPRO community brain boost program aims to provide a strong SYSPRO community of partner, customer, and SYSPRO executive constituents with a goal to boost U.S. manufacturing using multiple channels supported by SYSPRO. To that end, SYSPRO is in the process of selectively recruiting nearly 40 new channel partners that will provide a significant boost to the company’s already strong infrastructure of 100 channel partners. SYSPRO executives have a reputation and long history of participating in civic, government, and economic committees.
To help facilitate the transition to a stronger U.S. manufacturing industry with the goal of helping to add thousands to millions of jobs to the economy, the company is incenting its partners to successfully execute several related programs, including executive services, special interest teams, program development incentives, and channel ROI teams. It will be interesting to watch what SYSPRO’s competitors will do to counteract these bold coordinated initiatives.
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