SaaS BI Provider BIME Announces Release of v1.60: Geospatial Analysis

With the belief that business intelligence (BI) applications are sometimes too hard to use, manage, and deploy, We Are Cloud, a software provider company based in France (Oh la la!), created BIME, a software-as-a- service (SaaS) BI application. BIME’s goal is to offer a powerful tool from the cloud to make BI easy. Yes, I am talking about a SaaS BI offering.
Recently, a colleague and I had a very interesting briefing with Mr. Robert Chapman and Mr. Nicolas Raspal from BIME. They mentioned that a new upgrade was going to be released, and a couple of days ago, it was deployed. Amongst other minor fixes, BIME has released their recent 1.60 upgrade to provide more geospatial analysis features for their customers.
Also, major enhancements have been made to the mapping application:
•    Better drawing performance.
•    A geographic dimension isn’t needed in the new version. By simply dropping data objects in the geographic section, BIME will geocode it.
•    Provides more precise geocoding by using their pre-established time dimensions to validate with a higher dimension to precisely locate a geographic location (e.g. If you try to locate data by state or province, validation will also be done by country to enforce accuracy of localization).
•    Values encoded in the size and colors of bars, columns, and line charts.
You can see the official press release here or you can visit the BIME page.
Congratulations to the BIME team!
If you want to know more about BIME and SaaS BI providers, stay tuned for more information. I welcome your thoughts—leave a comment below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.
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