Saba Cloud Spring 2014 Release—Irresistible, Intelligent, Integration-friendly

During its recent @WORK 2014 user conference, Saba announced the launch of the Saba Cloud Spring 2014 release with a series of new innovations that are designed to help organizations enhance employee engagement, accelerate decision-making, and improve productivity. The release includes more than 60 enhancements (many of which are patent-pending), along the themes of predictive, extensible, and irresistible user experience.
Saba’s patent-pending machine learning (predictive analytics) technology is infused throughout its talent management platform and guides managers and administrators to better decisions, while helping employees find the information and expertise they need to succeed. New predictive capabilities were particularly abundant in the recent Recruiting@Work products.
Saba solutions are based on the Saba Cloud platform, with a scalable architecture that exceeds industry scalability, performance, and security standards. The company currently supports more than 31 million users from 2,200 customers across 195 countries and in 37 languages. Saba Cloud has been extended to customers operating in highly regulated environments such as the financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries.
The platform upon which Saba Cloud is delivered has been designed to meet the needs of organizations from hundreds to thousands of users. Extensibility is a key strength of the platform, as Saba Marketplace simplifies the process of connecting third-party applications and services to Saba Cloud. Certified and currently available services (with drag-and-drop integration) include job boards and talent search, human resources management solution (HRMS) vendors such as Workday, learning content providers, etc. 
Last but not least, Saba Cloud is the designed to drive employee engagement, for better retention and productivity, via new capabilities for mobility, gamification, course scheduling, and video conferencing for remote proctoring and video interviewing and recruiting.
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