Saba University: What a Concept!

As a TEC research analyst, I get to see a lot of really interesting (and some not so interesting) stuff when it comes to enterprise software and the like. With technology changing at the speed of light, there's always something new that I haven't seen before, that grabs my attention and makes me say "Wow, that's cool"!

Like this past week for instance. I had a product briefing with a company called Saba to get an overview of their learning management solution (LMS). I was fortunate enough to have Kenyatta Berry (Saba's Director of Product Marketing) speak with my colleagues (TEC's team of analysts) and I to show us Saba's suite of enterprise software offerings. Along with that we received an overview of the company and its unique strategies for training its clients on how to use its software.   

This leads me back to my opening remark about "something I haven't seen before"; that something is called Saba University.

What is Saba University?

If you Google Saba University, you will actually come across a website called Saba University School of Medicine in the Netherlands-Antilles region. The Saba University I'm referring to however, offers a rather different type of training.

When a Saba client purchases one of Saba's products, they receive the regular end-user training offered by most software vendors. Saba, however, goes one step further by offering their clients the ability to enroll in Saba University's learning programs.

When Kenyatta first mentioned Saba University, a few thoughts came to mind. Either this was a university that offers courses to anyone who wants to learn about software implementation and deployment readiness in general; or it was a place where Saba employees went to learn everything they need to know about Saba software before selling or deploying it. This, I found out, was not the case. 

Saba's training programs are geared towards: 

  • clients

  • new users

  • experienced users looking for additional training 

  • project managers

  • business owners

Through their learning portal, Saba provides blended learning opportunities for users whenever and wherever they choose. Its learning programs are designed around the client and the specific job roles within their organization. So depending on the needs of your staff, your training program can be customized in such a way that it works for you or your team.

Saba's Diverse Methods of Learning

  • private, instructor-led training

  • self-paced training

  • self-directed learning

  • online training

  • classroom training

I think it says alot about a company that's willing to go that extra mile for its clients and users. Not to mention how empowered their users will be! They'll leave the training course with the assurance that they have the skills necessary to use the software application to its full potential.

More cool stuff!

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