Saga Continues Roll Out of EAI Tools

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Event Summary

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE) Continuing its roll out of its e-business integration flagship product suite Sagavista, SAGA SOFTWARE, Inc. (SAGA) (NYSE:AGS) announced the availability of Sagavista 1.1, which provides a faster Messaging layer for improved performance, an enhanced Application Developer Kit (ADK), Unix support, agent adapters for Adabas(R) and 3270/5250 emulation which provides enterprise level mission critical mainframe access to legacy applications and databases for web integration.

Sagavista 1.1's enhanced ADK now includes additional tools and richer documentation that customers can use to build a broader range of custom agent adapters in cases where a Sagavista agent adapter may not be available. Sagavista adapters provide the physical integration to the target application, while the agent acts as the adapter's host and manages resources as well as publishes and/or subscribes message queues for the adapter.

The Sagavista suite currently runs on OS/390 and NT, now supports the Unix platforms--HP-UXII, Sun Solaris Operating Environment software, and IBM AIX."

"Now that Sagavista 1.1 supports Unix, it broadens the market the product can address," said Samir Gulati, SAGA's Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Unix is a key platform which our customers are using to run their ERP applications and other mission critical applications. This type of support extends Sagavista's ability to meet the needs of all systems in the enterprise."

Market Impact

The addition of support for running Sagavista on the three major UNIX platforms should help Saga compete against some of its strongest competitors, such as Vitria Technology. Another strength is the enhancement of their Application Developer Kit. It is very common for customers to have to code adapters (interfaces) to legacy systems since there is no way the vendor can support everything.

Further, Saga announced that it has concluded a five-year, $20.5 million contract with a leading systems integrator under which SAGA will provide to the systems integrator for one of its key clients, a suite of enterprise systems and Sagavista enterprise application integration products and professional services. This should provide Saga with additional market momentum.

User Recommendations

Customers evaluating enterprise application integration products should include Saga on a long list of vendors to be evaluated. Examples of other vendors to be evaluated are Active Software, BEA Systems, CrossWorlds Software, Talarian, Tibco, and Vitria. Care should be taken to ensure that interfaces exist for the required databases. In addition, customers should both visit reference sites and investigate the quality of the vendor's professional services staff, as consulting will most likely be required.

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