Sage Attempts a More Coherent Midmarket ERP Strategy in Europe

Sage Group plc is a leading global provider of business management software to small and medium-sized companies, with over 6 million customers and more than 13,500 employees in 24 countries covering the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, Asia, and Brazil. After recently streamlining and rebranding its ERP and CRM offering in North America, Sage recently announced the formation of a new organization to drive its growth across the European mid-market. The organization, which is in place from January 2013 and is led by Christophe Letellier, will be aligned behind Sage’s flagship solution, Sage ERP X3, and other local mid-market offerings.

Letellier will retain his role as CEO Sage ERP X3 in addition to his new role leading Sage's European mid-market business. Sage ERP X3 has held a strong and growing market position since its launch, and the new organization will serve to strengthen and build on this success. It is Sage Group’s global ERP solution for mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large groups with international demands. For over 10 years Sage ERP X3 (formerly Adonix) has been a proven and comprehensive ERP solution addressing mid-market companies’ specific requirements and challenges in selected industries. Over 3,700 customers in 58 countries worldwide have chosen Sage ERP X3 because it is relatively easy to use, rapid to deploy, and cost effective.

Letellier has appointed a new management team consisting of experienced leaders selected from Sage’s mid-market businesses across Europe, reflecting the organization’s multi-cultural customer and partner base. Sage recognizes the European mid-market as having common characteristics, such as size of customer, complexity of processes, and customers with international presence or ambitions. It is therefore replacing its formerly country-led mid-market businesses with a new European organization to deliver a set of common priorities and initiatives, covering areas from research and development, to sales and marketing, and implementation and support. The new organization will consolidate Sage’s resources and leverage its assets while retaining and building on its local expertise, enabling it to deliver solutions to market faster, encourage innovation, and drive competitiveness. We will have to wait and see how Sage’s seemingly cogent “glocal” approach will work out.
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