Sage SalesLogix v7.5.2: An Overview

A couple of weeks ago, I viewed a webinar about Sage SalesLogix v7.5.2. I usually see a few webinars every month but I particularly liked this one. The presenter—Jason Askelson, Director of Professional Services—did a very good job at showing the highlights of the new release, providing a comparison between the previous version and the new one, giving an overview of the mobile version, and of how to ensure a successful upgrade and/or migration.

Highlights of Version 7.5.2

Here are some of the options available in the new version:
• unicode support for fields (multiple languages can be used in the same screen)
• availability of updated technical documentation for the product
• enhanced e-mail attachment handling
• new Web client features for activities, calendaring, sales orders, and sales  libraries

People attending the webinar were able to see screen shots of some of the new features and even preview a short demo.

Old Functionality vs. New Functionality

I was surprised that the previous version of SalesLogix did not have options that could be considered as basic functionality in most customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Here are a few examples:
- In the activity reminders screen, you can use the snooze functionality on one, multiple, or all reminders in one shot. In the previous version, you had to select a single record at a time or all, but not multiple.
-  You can drill down to an activity from both the grid and the detail section. This wasn’t available in the previous version.

SalesLogix is using honesty as a sales strategy, which—in my opinion—is better than trying to hide problems and only showing the strengths of the new version.

Sage SalesLogix Mobile v5.6

The new version of Sage SalesLogix for mobile cannot be used on the iPhone, but brings improved calendar integration, support for high-resolution devices, and SData support (data can be retrieved without being stored locally, option for read-only access, etc.).

What to Expect During an Upgrade or Migration from LAN to Web

The new version’s enhancements were created to encourage customers to try the Web version. In order to migrate from LAN to Web, a Migration Tool is available, but users should be aware—there are some limitations to the tool.
• Fields for contracts do not use the currency format.
• Combo boxes will not show as a date format when converted.
• Non-visual controls (e.g., timers, pop-up menus) do not convert.

All this, and more, can be reviewed by anyone who would like to learn more about SalesLogix v7.5.2. by following this link to see a recording of the webcast. Users may need to install Webex. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I will gladly forward them to Sage.
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