Sagent Technology Teams for Telco e-Business

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Sagent Technology Teams for Telco

M. Reed - June 2, 2000

Event Summary

Sagent Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: SGNT), a provider of Real-time e-Business Intelligence solutions, announced a strategic partnership with DSET (Nasdaq: DSET), a provider of business-to-business e-commerce connectivity solutions for the global telecommunications marketplace, to enable telecommunications companies to quickly and efficiently determine a customer's qualification for digital subscriber line (DSL) service (a customer must be less than 15,500 feet from the switch to qualify for DSL).

Through the partnership, Sagent's eServices solution will be integrated into DSET's ezDSL Leads Qualification System, allowing telecommunications companies to facilitate the real-time pre-qualification of customers for DSL service based on a customer's geographic information. Sagent maximizes the accuracy and value of telecommunication companies' customers and prospects information by seamlessly verifying across multiple platforms, including the Internet, correct address information, adding widely available third-party demographic data, and performing spatial analysis from the service point to the customer's destination. By doing so, the telecommunications customers' proximity to the local exchange service is determined, enabling more precise and timely deployments of DSL service.

"We chose to partner with Sagent because its proven spatial analysis tools and real-time geographical data are the most accurate available," said Vikas Trehan, senior product manager, DSET. "Together, we are able to offer telecommunications customers a single, comprehensive solution for ordering DSL through one vendor. By automating the entire pre-sales process for DSL ordering, we are able to offer a higher level of customer service which DSET customers expect."

Market Impact

Sagent has moved into the e-business space, and has chosen to start with Telco applications. Spatial analysis is an important part of e-business, where web sites provide the closest dealer or access point based on address or zip code. An example of this is the J.I. Case web site, which uses spatial analysis to give the customer the closest agricultural equipment dealer to their location, an increasingly popular method of gaining new customers. Another example,, is already in the Telco space, and does similar DSL lookups.

In addition, Sagent recently purchased Qualitative Marketing Software and their Centrus Product Suite to provide analytic applications. Centrus Real-Time claims to enable companies to better understand and predict customer needs and behavior, compare existing information with current market trends, and allocate resources to retain the most valuable customers and acquire new ones.

User Recommendations

Customers should include Sagent Technology's e-business solutions on a long list of infrastructure products. In a conversation with TEC, John Zicker, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of the company, referred to the technology as a way to provide an "infomediary" to content providers via the Qualitative software and Sagent solutions. Companies that should most strongly investigate this solution are expected to initially be in the vertical industries of Telco, Insurance, and Dot-Com companies.

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