Salesforce to Shut Down

salesforce.jpgFor a product to be acquired and later shut down is not uncommon. One famous example is Gist—a professional contacts management tool—acquired by RIM (now BlackBerry) in 2011 and shut down one year later. will be sharing the same fate; announced that will be discontinued on January 31, 2014. Built on the Salesforce platform and developed on the Manymoon software acquisition, is a project and task management application, which was expected to extend Salesforces’s reach beyond its traditional sales-centric focus.

Worth noting is that Salesforce also expanded to other software areas that are not usually covered by customer relationship management (CRM) vendors, such as finance with or performance management with (after the acquisition of Rypple)

It remains unclear what will happen to customers. Salesforce stated, “we know you'll want another option for managing your projects,” and promises to provide a tool that will help with exporting data. While other apps sold via Salesforce Appexchange for task and project management can be an alternative, I wonder if Workday's project management capability will also be presented as an option. Not so long ago, in September, Salesforce announced a stronger bond with Workday.

If you are using, it is highly recommended that you read its FAQ page, as according to the announcement “all user data that remains on Do servers will be deleted shortly after January 31, 2014.” For any other questions, write to

It may be too soon to jump to conclusions, but the shutdown of may mean that Salesforce extended itself a bit too far outside of its core expertise. Considering the deepened strategic partnership between Salesforce and Workday, will and take the same route?
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