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As I’m in the process of developing the 2012 Supply Chain Management (SCM) Buyer’s Guide, which will be discussing the challenges that businesses face with managing their supply chains and the role of software in mitigating those challenges, I thought it would be worthwhile to conduct a short survey and see how companies today are faring with some important SCM issues. This survey will shed light on the areas often eluding businesses and that are wreaking havoc on their supply chains, as well as areas that are receiving much attention. The results, as well as recommendations for improvement, will be integrated into the buyer’s guide, which is slated for publication in March of this year.

The three areas of SCM that I will be inquiring about in this short survey are these:

• Visibility
• Awareness & Risk Management
• Collaboration

Over the past 10 years, businesses have recognized the importance of managing their supply chains, and have directed efforts at establishing best practices for SCM. But faced with the reality of extended supply chains and its slew of associated challenges, these efforts have often led to varied and disparate results across businesses. The main culprit has been the lack of a dynamic linking of processes throughout the chain and the inability to establish a rapid flow of information across the chain.

Therefore, I wanted to focus more on the elements that often elude businesses in their day-to-day activities, pinpointing areas where they should start marshalling their efforts for more efficient supply chains. If for no other purpose, you can use it as an opportunity to review your own activities and consider whether you need to take any steps toward improving these three aspects of your supply chain.

Take this short survey on the challenges with your supply chain.

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