SciQuest Releases New Spend Management Suite Version

SciQuest recently unveiled the newest version of its spend management product suite. Version 13.2 extends recent user interface (UI) upgrades to the SciQuest Supplier Network, enabling better and faster collaboration between customers and suppliers. SciQuest customers will now have one centralized place to collaborate with all of their suppliers, which should provide more efficient supplier enablement.

The new version also includes significant enhancements to invoice management capabilities. There is nothing notable yet in terms of Spend Radar or Upside Software integration.

The Supplier Network is not new, but with the release of 13.2 there are many new features that significantly enhance its usability and functionality for suppliers. The SciQuest Supplier Network has always been free, and new features within the network include the following:

  • A single “self-service” portal for suppliers to access all their SciQuest customers and perform key tasks/activities such as onboarding without going through a specific customer

  • A single centralized place for suppliers to interact with customers, resulting in less time spent on supplier inquiries, and to check the status of invoices submitted for payment and upload invoices in a batch manner

  • Self-service punch-out catalog testing

  • Improved workflows  to upload and update catalogs (this is an enhancement and not something brand new, to be fair)

  • SciQuest customers can now offer a branded portal to each of their suppliers for 24/7 access, which should result in increased transparency for both suppliers and customers while reducing supplier call volume to customers

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