SciQuest and eMolecules Partner to Deliver Reagent Management Solution

In its early days in the 1990s during the first wave of trading exchanges (anyone still remember the crash and burn of Commerce One?), SciQuest used to help manage procurement and inventory management for reagents, those substances or compounds that are added to a system in order to bring about a chemical reaction (or are added to see if a reaction occurs). SciQuest’s Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM) is a procurement-focused chemical inventory solution used by seven of the world’s top ten life science organizations and leading higher education institutions.

SciQuest has since quite expanded its industry savvy and spend management functional footprint to now be a leading provider of cloud-based business automation solutions. Staying true to its roots, SciQuest and eMolecules just announced a partnership to make eMolecules’ catalog of in-stock molecular building blocks available within SciQuest’s ERM platform. As a result, ERM users can now directly purchase in-stock molecular building blocks via eMolecules’ market-leading database.

SciQuest’s ERM solution with the eMolecules integrated catalog will offer an exhaustive list of reagents—similar to discrete manufacturing parts catalogs (e.g., former PartMiner). The offering automates buying smaller quantities, which can reduce cost and time for both the buyer and seller. Traditionally, due to hundreds of small specialty suppliers, searching and sourcing of molecular building blocks is expensive and time consuming for researchers, while purchasing and delivery are also subject to high costs, delays, and quality issues.

The eMolecules catalog will reportedly integrate seamlessly into SciQuest ERM, allowing researchers to review all available inventory and catalog sourcing options with a single search. Reuse of in-house inventory should provide faster access to chemicals and reduce purchase, carrying, and disposal costs of redundant inventory. Environmental health & safety (EHS) and regulatory approvals, tracking, and reporting built into the process should improve compliance and inventory accuracy. For the seller, participation might provide larger volumes of deals that can be in ounce, pint, or quart quantities so that it can better forecast its product quantities and assortments.
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