Security Information Market Heading for Growth

Security Information Market Heading for Growth
L. Taylor - August 31, 2000

Event Summary

It is estimated that the security information market will grow to a $1.5 billion by 2003.[1] With a dearth of security professionals available, viewing online security articles offers companies the opportunity to gain information, and improve system security knowledge at low overhead and a fast pace. Via the web, IT organizations can find out about security bugs, patches, and exploits; read reviews on security products and vendors; and learn about security architecture and project management. Though security hardcopy magazines still exist, their content is not always at your fingertips when you sometimes need it most.

[1] Source: IDC

Market Impact

Right now, the online security information market does not seem to be a predatory or prey market. In fact, many security information sites work together to share links in order to expand the content of their own sites. Some sites are supported by advertising, click-throughs, and publishing vendor contact information which can be included in a favorable product review; while others maintain the independence and objectivity of the information provided and the product reviews. Further, being a content aggregator helps mitigate many legal risks associated with original security content publishing.

As well, many of the security information sites are used to draw readers and potential customers who may decide to look at security consulting services. Some sites publish product reviews and then list vendors and their logos in a vendor database for readers to peruse. Revenue is gained from publishing digital logos, and for an additional cost, click-throughs embedded in the logos. Some sites that offer objective analysis and recommendations use subscription paradigms, however often times product and vendor analysis is free.

User Recommendations

The following security content sites are some of the best on the web:

TEC Security Index

Ernst & Young

Security Focus

Packet Storm


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