Sendmail, Inc. and Disappearing, Inc. Team Up to Add Enhanced Security

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Event Summary

INDIAN WELLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sendmail, Inc., the provider of the ubiquitous Sendmail(R) Internet Mail platform for e-communications, applications and services, announced a new technology partnership with Disappearing Inc., creators of the Disappearing Email solution.

Disappearing Email protects the privacy of email by automatically destroying each message after a certain length of time, as determined by corporate policy. The partnership will allow Disappearing Email to be deployed on Sendmail's powerful Internet Mail platform, including the new Sendmail Multi Switch - a next generation solution that unifies complex enterprise level Internet Mail systems into a single, easily administered network, Both companies unveiled their new products at Demo 2000.

Market Impact

The partnership between Sendmail, Inc. and Disappearing, Inc. will allow far greater levels of security to clients using sendmail and the sendmail switch. Companies that depend on Internet email as a business critical application will benefit from the joint venture. Administrators of the sendmail system, coupled with Disappearing, Inc.'s product will be able to set specific "Time to Live" (TTL) for each piece of email prior to permanent deletion, allowing corporate email retention policies to be enforced.

Sendmail routing solutions account for 75% of the Internet's 8,000 plus ISPs. Their enormous installed base will not only benefit sendmail sales, but also launch Disappearing, Inc. into the forefront of messaging security.

User Recommendations

As Internet email has evolved into a mission critical application, these same emails have found their way into legal proceedings.

Corporations need more than point to point email. They need secure transmission coupled with a "purging" feature, which deletes all emails according to internal corporate policies. Sendmail, Inc. is a highly respected vendor within the Internet messaging and routing arena. The addition of enhanced security will make the product more appealing to ISPs, ASPs, and corporations.

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