ShopIgniter Introduces New Update to Igniter

shopigniter1.jpgShopIgniter has announced an updated version of its Igniter platform. The solution supports brand advertising to social and mobile consumers, and consequently allows marketers to create, manage, and measure rich social media advertising campaigns.

By using typical social media functions such as search, engage, share, and comment, Igniter attempts to generate business opportunities or leads for its clients. Key capabilities include:

  • Rich media posts: video carousels, lookbooks, jukeboxes, live streams, single product and collection explorers, shoppable video. Rich media posts can be found as native ad units on Facebook.

  • Mobile-first design: optimized display for any device for each marketing campaign.

  • ShopIgniter templates: allowing brands and agencies to manage recurrent campaigns.

With Igniter, brands and agencies can publish rich content that can be accessed via multiple devices, on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. In addition, social mobile customers can be presented with online stores optimized for the device that they are using. Consequently, customer experience—which relies heavily on entertainment strategies such as storytelling, attractive product visualization, etc.—can be greatly enhanced. Matt Compton, ShopIgniter CEO, explains:
Rich media posts receive higher consumer engagement and exponentially higher positive sentiment than standard posts and are driving significant business outcomes for brands that leverage in-stream marketing systems and smart social marketing techniques.

ShopIgniter also sustains its customers with a series of professional services: campaign planning, implementation, execution and optimization.
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