ShopSocially to Help Retailers Measure Social Commerce Benefits

ShopSocially, a social commerce software provider, has announced the addition of an A/B Testing framework to its platform, so that Internet retailers can measure the exact incremental business benefits accrued by adding onsite social commerce modules on their e-commerce Web sites. ShopSocially is a comprehensive social commerce platform that brings “social to commerce” and not the other way around. The vendor makes the entire shopping experience more social by adding relevant on-site social modules to an e-commerce Web site.
Retailers initially flocked to social media sites to sell goods, acquire fans and followers, serve ads, etc., but they have had limited success. ShopSocially has taken a different approach, helping retailers to use social media influence on their e-commerce sites to evaluate and quantify the precise impact of social media on sales conversion and revenue uplift. The A/B Testing framework for randomized experiments with two variants (A and B) helps an e-commerce site in the following two ways:
  1. Assessing the impact of onsite social commerce campaigns - Retailers can use the framework to split Web site traffic so that some users are exposed to a social commerce campaign while others are not. With all other parameters remaining constant, this establishes the impact of the presence of social media on sales conversion and revenue for an e-commerce site.
  2. Optimizing onsite social commerce campaigns - Retailers can split Web site traffic and show different versions of a social commerce campaign to different sets of users (these versions can have different campaign creative, incentive, or layout). By measuring the impact of different campaign versions on sales conversion and revenue, retailers can identify the best-performing version and have data-driven intelligence to ramp up their social media efforts.
Retailers are well aware of the influence of social media on customer engagement and its role in enhancing the purchase intent on e-commerce Web sites. However, quantifying this influence and translating it into tangible and accurate business benefits has always been a challenge. The ShopSocially platform already offers retailers advanced features such as audience targeting (based on users’ social profiles), incentive management, auto-scheduling, and accurate reporting of every click on its platform. The A/B Testing framework is a tracking and measuring addition to this set of features that retailers have access to on the aforementioned ShopSocially platform, to measure the impact of social media in precise business metrics such as increase in sales conversion rate and revenue uplift.
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