Shortlisting EAM Vendors: A How-to Guide

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TEC analyst Alex Hankewicz was positively purring after his certification of the IFS Applications EAM functionality a couple of weeks ago, thanks to what he called its comprehensive functionality and well thought-out and scalable architecture.

He’s not normally very effusive, so when he described it as “one of the best I’ve seen,” I thought it was time to offer readers a walkthrough of TEC’s EAM Evaluation Center, which you can use to generate a free shortlist of EAM solutions.

For an overview of EAM, its benefits, and the dangers of a poorly selected EAM system, check out TEC’s EAM resource page.

That’s also where you’ll find the Start Your EAM Comparison button. Click it to start building your EAM shortlist. Or you can start here.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be able to create your profile by answering 15 questions about your organization and your selection project (industry, budget, site structure, required services, required functionality, etc.).

You have the option of disqualifying vendors as you proceed through these questions. Once you’re finished building your profile, you’ll see which vendors have been disqualified by which questions, and you can review those questions if necessary.

When you’ve finished, you’ll have a shortlist that lists both TEC-certified vendors and uncertified vendors. TEC-certified vendors have met the stringent requirements set forth by our analyst team.

Vendor Shortlist

OK, now it’s time to do something with your shortlist. Try the free 2-hour software evaluation trial (see the top tab in the sidebar) to make an apples-to-apples comparison of software functionality.

How it works: select three vendors, and you’ll be able to prioritize your needs down to the deepest level (for EAM, this includes over 3,000 criteria), and modify them as required.

You’ll then be able to compare results side-by-side and create various what-if scenarios. You can also generate reports of your findings—either with free standard reports, or with any number of other customized reports.

Use this tool to find out which EAM product is best suited to your organization. IFS Applications may meet your needs, or it may not, but at least you’ll know why.
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